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About Phở

Welcome to All About Pho, where authenticity and cultural heritage take center stage in a professional and welcoming atmosphere! But before we dive into the delicious world of phở, let's share an insider tip: phở is pronounced "f-uh," like the exclamation you make when you realize you forgot something important – "Oh, f-uh!" (No "k" needed). This knowledge will impress your Vietnamese friends and demonstrate your respect for the true essence of phở.

Traditionally, phở bò, the renowned beef phở from northern Vietnam, reigned supreme. However, as phở gained global popularity, exciting variations emerged.

Now, alongside the classic phở bò, we proudly offer phở gà, featuring succulent chicken, and phở chay, a delightful vegetarian option. These diverse choices allow us to cater to a range of preferences while maintaining the authenticity of our culinary heritage.

A word of advice: when savoring our phở noodles, exercise caution to avoid the splash zone! It's best to leave your nice white shirt at home to prevent any unintended phở-related accidents. We want you to enjoy our delicious broth without worry.

Join us to savor the rich history and irresistible flavors of phở in a welcoming environment that reflects our passion for this beloved dish.

Our Food

At All About Phở, we take pride in our traditional approach. Our beef bone broth is cooked for 48 hours using Vietnamese Sá Sùng and Japanese techniques, resulting in rich umami flavors. With a commitment to using high-quality meat, we ensure a remarkable taste and experience for our valued customers.

Our decor

At All About Phở, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an exceptional dining experience that captures the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Our custom-made decor from Hanoi and handcrafted dishware from Saigon support local small businesses while creating an authentic ambiance. We seamlessly blend tradition and modernity by incorporating robots and implementing secure contactless pickup options, prioritizing efficiency and the well-being of our valued guests.